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Comprehensive & Effective Solutions for Energy & Power

ContiPower is a leader in the supply and maintenance of high-voltage products and solutions. With decades of experience in supplying, installing and servicing high-voltage products, Contipower’s products are certified according to a wide range of international standards including IEC, BS, ANSI and ISO.

With a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings that include supply, installation and consulting, ContiPower is a reliable, tried and tested long term partner with demonstrable sales and service experience in South Africa.


Providing Industry Leading Solutions & Support for Continuous Power Supply

Through many years of industry experience and innovation, ContiPower is positioned to be a leading provider of solutions and services that enable power generation plants to perform efficiently, reliably, continuously and cost effectively.

Established in 2006, ContiPower continues to build on a strong reputation in the power and energy sector, rivalling local and international industry players. We work relentlessly to maintain our status as the preferred supplier for key stakeholders in the industry, while growing our company’s market share and customer base.

We are a diversified supplier of high, medium and low voltage electrical equipment, Turnkey Solutions and Renewable Energy solutions; a leading supplier for National Grid Utility Suppliers and other major industry players.


ContiPower is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor and ISO: 9001 accredited. All our products are designed, manufactured and tested according to global standards: IEC, SANS, ANSI and ISO.

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