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Switch Disconnectors

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Alpha-ET is part of the Pffifner Group based in Switzerland, has more than 90 years of disconnector manufacturing experience. Manufacturing more than 600 disconnectors per year and over 80 000 disconnectors on service worldwide (including licensees). 

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Development of a New CBDE

Advantages of these simplifications: 


  • Parts reduction increases reliability.

  • Low weight without loss of stability for easier handling. e.g. 123kV pol frame 50kg and current carrying parts 2 x 10kg. 

  • Quicker installation in the substations. e.g. Three pole 123kV CBDE with one Earthing switch including drives:

  • approx. 8 hours  ( 5h assembly, 2h adjustment and 1h commissioning)

  • Reduction of lifecycle cost with maintenance free contact systems for 10’000 cycles.

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