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ContiPower is the proud agent of KONČAR – Switchgear, based in Croatia, is part of the KONČAR Group which was established in 1921. With over 45 years of experience in research & development of switchgear KONČAR – Switchgear can tailor engineering solutions according to custom-built requirements. Safety & Reliability insuring peace of mind in your secondary distribution network.


Due to modularity any of the following functions may be included in the system: 



  • Simplicity

  • Compact design

  • Vacuum circuit breaker in transformer feeder

  • Vacuum load break switches in ring main feeders

  • SF6 gas – insulation between live parts

  • Insulation barriers between cable connectors of the ring main feeders

  • Possibility of remote control for each apparatus

  • Microprocessor protection relay for power transformer protection, up to 2,5 MVA Cable connectors in accordance with IEC 60502 / DIN 47363.

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Series VDAΣ (Gas-insulated Ring Main Unit) with Protection Unit


  • Medium voltage cable networks for secondary distribution of electrical energy.​

  • Front facing cable testing facility.​

  • Smart grids.​

  • Nominal voltage 24 kV.​

  • Nominal current in ring main feeders: 630 A.​

  • Nominal current in transformer feeder: 630 A.​

  • Nominal current of transformer bushings: 250 A.​

  • Vacuum circuit breaker for power transformer protection. ​

  • Vacuum load break switches in cable feeders.​

  • Extendable Modules.​

  • Customisable

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Built In Protection Unit
RMU Image 3.png

Front-Facing Cable Testing

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