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DURESCA®️ Busbar system

(Fully insulated RIP Busbar 12 to 170kV up to 7000A)

Busbar image 1 .png


  • Same type of busbar for indoor and outdoor application, no need of additional wall crossing bushing.

  • Solid, separate and fully insulated single phase bus.

  • Excellent mechanical protection.

  • High stability against UV radiation.

  • Earth screen in copper, embedded in the insulation & designed for an exceptional fault current of 8 kA /1s.

  • Resistant to humidity and moisture ingress, no risk of corrosion.

  • Connections to all types of air and gas insulated switchgears with conventional or plug-in types, like 8DB10, NX plus, ZX2, GHA or Connex 3 and 4 size.



GASLINK® Busbar system

(Fully insulated SF6 Busbar up to 40.5kV)

Busbar image 2.png


  • Modular and compact design.

  • Protection against electrical shock hazards.

  • Self-recombinating gas insulation.

  • No aging effects on insulating material.

  • The copper conductors are centred with special high voltage epoxy insulators inside the outer aluminium protection tubes.

  • A separate control panel allows an accurate pressure control of the GASLINK® busbar system.

  • Maximum leakage rate of no more than 0,5% per year.

  • Used for mainly for, Gas insulated switchgears GIS and transformers.

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