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With a proud history beginning in 1876 TRIDELTA MEIDENSHA Surge Arrestors are operational in more than 120 countries world-wide. TRIDELTA offers a broad portfolio on Surge Arrestors for the application on high voltage up to 800 kV suitable for High-Voltage applications for transmission networks:​

Porcelain Design SB series:​

  • Optimal & Compact portfolio up to 800kV system​. 


Polymer Cage Design SBKC series:​

  • Cost-effective & directly moulded up to 420kV system (550kV Line Surge Arrestors)​. 


Polymer Hollow Core Design SBKT series:​

  • Extra High-Voltage, Mechanical Strength, Enhanced Short-circuit capability & Seismic application up to 800kV​.

All TRIDELTA designs contain an excellent sealing system, which prevent the entry of any moisture and ensure decades of reliability and free of maintenance operation. ​


Polymer Winding technology SBKW series​: 

  • Efficiency, Innovation, and reliability up to 145kV system (365kV Line Surge Arrestors)​.

State-of-the-art monitoring solution smartCOUNT​: 

  • Detect Zinc Oxide blocks degradation, moisture ingress and housing contamination​.

  • Cloud-based platform and user-friendly with smartphone app​.

Special applications – Customised solutions​: 

  • Railway application DC & AC​.

  • Arrestor components for equipment’s integration (OEMs)​.

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